To provide a user-friendly, coherent and holistic mental health solution

Final evaluation of the mHealthINX system completed

In 2022 and 2023, the mHealthINX consortium conducted field study to evaluate the mHealthINX system’s usability, acceptance, and effectiveness in reducing stress and improving the well-being of employees (50+). This study consisted of a usability/functionality trial in Switzerland and a randomized-controlled trial in the Netherlands. In addition, qualitative data from all participating countries collected and analyzed by offering individual deep-dive and exit interviews for interested users to gain more detailed feedback on the technology use and their individual experiences with mHealthINX. Workshops with other relevant stakeholders were held to include their perspective on introducing digital stress management in organizational settings.

The project partners analyzed all data from the evaluation study and stakeholder workshops. Unfortunately, compared with a control group, no significant effect of the system’s use regarding stress reduction after 12 weeks could be shown. However, the feedback collected when interacting with the users during the study period and from deep-dive and exit interviews at the end of the trials showed that many people emphasized the new technology as possibility to support people’s health at the workplace. Some employees also reported challenges when using the technology at work and home, which will build the basis for further improvements of the different components.

The data collected, and information given on the mHealthINX system from the perspectives of employees 50+ but also from other stakeholders like healthcare providers, decision-makers, and health authorities are valuable and of great importance for further developing and adapting the mHealthINX system and implementing it in different settings in the future.

Welcome to the mHealthINX Project website!

Here you will find relevant information about the Active and Assisted Living funded project and consortium in relation to mental health of older employees (50+).

In the ageing population (50+) older employees are subject to stress-related diseases such as depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular diseases. Overall Europe this results in a tremendous increase of health care costs on the one hand. Costs related to mental disorders and work-related depression in Europe amounts to about € 240 billion/year, respectively € 620 billion/year. On the other hand, sick leave causes loss of productivity and affects the Gross National Products of the individual countries. 

A consortium of ten organisations based in three different European countries recently started a cross-border project, the mHealthINX solution. This consortium will address this important and urgent topic and will provide a user-friendly, coherent and holistic solution to support older employees in promoting and strengthen their mental health. The solution will prove its effectiveness in the field trials, and it will encompass the following components:

Indication: Personal observer
iNtervention: Personal guardian and personal advisor
eXperience: Personal trainer

All combined in the innovative mHealthINX solution!

mHealthINX is an 'Active and Assisted Living' funded project

The mHealthINX solution is funded by the Active and Assisted Living programme (AAL). The total projects costs are about € 2.9 million, to which the AAL will contribute with about € 1.8 million.

The Active and Assisted Living Program is a European initiative that aims to support better quality of life for older people and to strengthen industrial opportunities while ensuring sustainability of our health systems.

The Active and Assisted Living Program promotes innovative technological product ideas and services for active and healthy aging, supporting them until they launch on the market, by funding projects that work towards creating market-ready products and services for older people.

The mHealthINX project started in March 2020 and will be finalized after three years, where after it will be implemented in the related countries and abroad. Related countries are Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

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