7th mHealthINX consortium meeting in Vienna

The 7th consortium meeting of mHealthINX took place from 13th to 14th April 2023 in Vienna, Austria hosted by the project partner OVOS GmbH. Representatives from all 10 partner organizations joined the meeting.

mHealthINX started in March 2020 with the aim to support older employees in stress management, mental health promotion and prevention of stress-related diseases such as depression, anxiety and cardiovascular diseases. Now approaching the end of the AAL Programme research project, this meeting also allowed to celebrate the projects achievements and to start planning concrete follow-up activities.

 The 1st day of the meeting was focused on discussing results from the final evaluation of the mHealthINX system. In course of the last year, field studies were performed in Switzerland and the Netherlands to understand the systems impact on reducing work-related stress. A first look on the analysis of the exit interviews confirmed the system’s potential to provide coping strategies and enable self-management of stress. In order to also address their perspective, a series of stakeholder workshops with company representatives, as well as experts on occupational health was conducted. Within these workshops current needs of the company, the intention to use digital stress management as well as the willingness to pay for such a system were reflected.

 On the 2nd day of the meeting feedback from the field trials and stakeholder workshops guided the discussions on finalizing the consortium’s plans for introducing mHealthINX to the market after the end of the research project. In addition, the consortium prepared a last meeting of the project’s advisory board.

 And to complement the fruitful discussions within the meeting, several partners of the consortium decided to attend a concert of Mozart Orcherster at the Vienna Musikverein.