mHealthINX consortium partners

The consortium consists of ten partners from three different countries. Their expertise ranges from scientific research, creative (game) design, technical innovation, healthcare, mental health to patient representation.

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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH – Vienna – Austria

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest non-university research institute, specialist on research and development activities of technologies, techniques and tools of key infrastructure solutions of the future. The involved Business Units are concerned with the design and development of machine intelligence methods for supporting elderly care and independent living.

AIT has many years of experience in AAL activities, both in research and industrial projects. Research focuses are development of innovative user interaction design (IxD) techniques, avatar-based virtual coaching for the health domain and AAL applications and services. Further, the involved group is dealing with machine learning algorithms, computer vision algorithms and AR / VR technologies.

Viktor Kaplan Straße 2, A-2700 Wr. Neustadt

CREAGY – Zug – Switzerland

CREAGY is a Swiss based professional service firm.

Founded in 2006, an experienced team consisting of engineers and economists to develop leading edge solutions for enterprises in the financial services and healthcare industry, where IT is enabler for both differentiation and / or productivity.

Together with their customers they create innovative products and services. CREAGY participates in the ongoing AAL projects Carelink, DayGuide, FreeWalker, Co-Train and Tactile.

Baarerstrasse 2, 6301 Zug

Game Solutions Lab – Eindhoven – The Netherlands

The Game Solutions Lab is the spin-off from the Games for Health Europe foundation (GFHEU), which has over 10 years of experience in the design and scientific validation of serious games.

With a network of over 35.000 people, like medical professionals, academics, game designers, decision makers and business entrepreneurs it is acknowledged as an expertise centre in serious games and the effects on behaviour change.

Its mission is to reach 1 billion people within 5 years, with the objective to improve wellbeing and health by means of serious games. At this stage the focus is at the elderly, for which the GSL developed more than 10 applications to improve their wellbeing and the wellbeing of healthcare workers. This all with the active support of the Dutch Ministry of Health.

The GSL participates in several major international consortia, like H2020-Expanse, Erasme+-Sugapas, NWO-BLISS. Together with the Radboud University and DELA insurance they are developing a game portal with the objective to connect elderly and youth in the fight against loneliness.  

Today the GSL operates under the trade name Games for Health (

Vonderweg 1, 5611BK Eindhoven, Netherlands

Medical University of Vienna – Austria

The Medical University of Vienna is included among the most important cutting-edge research institutes of Europe in the area of biomedicine.

The Section for Outcomes Research at the Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics, and Intelligent Systems (CEMSIIS) of the Medical University of Vienna deals primarily with patient-reported outcomes and data gathered through different e-health and AAL technologies (Projects: REMIND, DAPAS, DemenzAPP).

The Medical University of Vienna analyses outcome data in healthcare, develop corresponding instruments, optimize measurement scales and adapts assessments to different contexts. Outcomes include the measurement of clinical signs and symptoms as well as results of medical interventions, but also quality of life, functioning, pain, fatigue, and other outcomes that are most important to the patients. The Medical University of Vienna collaborates with different clinics within Vienna’s General Hospital (AKH).

The main responsibility of the Medical University of Vienna will be knowledge base building and the clinical evaluation of mHealthINX.

Spitalgasse 23, 1090 Wien, Austria

MEDRECORD – Rotterdam – The Netherlands

MEDRECORD has developed a certified digital platform for accessing patient data from mobile devices, wearables and applications. This enables the management of personal wellbeing, improve engagement strategies and more efficiently manage populations.

To make the data meaningful for healthcare (semantic interoperability) the MEDrecord platform satisfies the ISO/CEN 13606 standard (using the OpenEHR archetypes), as well as HL7 FHIR for API definition.

MEDRECORD has experience with research projects as partner as well as coordinator; e.g. Care@Home (AAL), MobiGuide (FP7 ICT call), EEG-Serv (Eurostars), myAirCoach (H2020) and the running AAL project AgeWell.


Marconistraat 16, 3029 AK Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Austria developed over several years a coaching platform which is based on artificial intelligence.

In 2017 was European finalist in the global IBM Watson Build contest.

In 2018 was awarded “Best AI-oriented Social Entrepreneurship” at UNIQA insurance and ImpactHub.

In 2019 was accepted in the technology incubator “accent” and is finalist in the EIT Health Headstart program.

The founder Mike Beer worked for IBM in several positions, including international marketing management roles. He created and launched several IT-products.

The aim for is to the extent the knowledge to which artificial intelligence can help companies and employees in personnel development. Target markets are B2B customers. The platform is as well open for each person which has mental matters.

Technopark 1, A-3430 Tulln

OVOS Media – Vienna – Austria

Ovos media (OVOS) is an Austrian SME using game technology and design to create playful experiences that both engage & educate users.

Ovos creates learning applications, Serious Games and gamified online services that help users to learn about the topics affecting us and our clients.

Ovos is a Vienna-based Interactive studio with a core team of 30 people with most diverse backgrounds. The studio was founded in 2004 and is working for national and international clients as well as international research projects.

Relevant Competencies: Serious Game Development, Gameful Design, Gamification Frameworks, Human Motivation, Web development, Virtual Individual Model (Avatars), Persuasive Technologies, Commercialization, mobile learning, VR.

Schottenfieldgasse 60, 36-38, 1070 Wien

The School of Health Professions at Zurich University of Applied Sciences – Switzerland

The School of Health Professions at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is one of the largest educational centres for health professionals in Switzerland.

The Occupational Therapy Research Unit prioritizes projects that enable people with restricted abilities to achieve more autonomy and participation in self-sufficiency, education, work, leisure and social life.

The team consists of highly skilled experts in Occupational Therapy, Medical Education, Health Sociology, Health Promotion and Quality Development in the Healthcare System with a proven record of broad experience in practice, research and teaching as well as international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Quality assurance and the development of services in occupational therapy, the development and evaluation of new products, technologies and therapeutic offers as well as research of environmental influences on the participation of people with disabilities are priorities of the Occupational Therapy Research Unit.

Further information about the
AAL Programme and information on the activities and projects can be found at: 

Katharina-Sulzer-Platz 9, 8401, Winterthur, Switzerland

Tante Louise – Bergen op Zoom – The Netherlands

TanteLouise currently employs 1,890 people and 850 volunteers. TanteLouise is a professional organization, one of the leading healthcare institutions in the Netherlands through innovation.

TanteLouise provides nursing care to over 1,150 clients in their care centers and nursing homes, day care to more than 400 clients and specialist care in the home situation.

The mission statement of TanteLouise is: Providing best care possible in a homelike environment. This is what tanteLouise wants to achieve by delivering high-quality, complex care and nursing in people’s homes and from the locations of TanteLouise.

In addition to providing care, TanteLouise invests in innovative care concepts. TanteLouise strives for the highest quality of care, together with their partners.

In addition, there is also close collaboration with family of clients to provide tailor-made care. According to the Dutch Ministry of Healthcare TanteLouise is one of the top 10 care providers in the country.

Boerenverdriet 18, 4613 AK, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

terzStiftung – Berlingen – Switzerland

terzStiftung is a non-profit foundation based in Berlingen, Switzerland. The foundation works in two main areas: as a representative body for mature people and as a general service provider in the market for elderly people.

As the representative body for mature people, terStiftung works as a consumer-interest-organization and as a lobbyist for the needs of the generations around and beyond the pensioning age.

The involved department focuses on research, stakeholder-dialogues and testing of products, facilities and services in order to support the generation-friendly shaping of politics, media, markets and infrastructures.

About 400 seniors are currently enrolled with the terzStiftung to voluntarily engage in the testing of products, facilities, infrastructure and services in their role as mature end-users and critical, informed customers. the terzStiftung has access to older adults with various characteristics, environments and personal needs.

The terzStiftung has a record of 18 (both past on ongoing) AAL-projects, user-requirements and use-case analyses, conceptual designs and prototype-tests (lab and field) as well as research activities regarding market- and policy-relevant issues have ranked among her major responsibilities in this context.

Seestrasse 112, 8267 Berlingen, Switzerland