mHealthINX Product Details

Since the beginning of 2020, Games for Health has been working in a consortium with several international partners on a European (AAL-funded) project to develop a unique solution to improve the mental health of healthcare workers.

The enormous workload during and after Covid-19, as well as other factors such as digitization of healthcare and a shortage of colleagues, result in increasing stress. Not everyone immediately recognizes the symptoms of stress and may continue to experience it for too long. The consequence of this is often prolonged sick leave, such as burnout or, worse, cardiovascular conditions.

The mHealthINX solution offers the following:

  • Early detection of increasing stress
  • Regular measurement of stress through a unique system or specific questions
  • Digital coaching through a diary and advice
  • Improved planning of daily activities
  • Daily tips and reminders
  • Relaxing exercises such as listening exercises and mindfulness on a mobile phone
  • A wide variety of applications on a Virtual Reality (VR) system, such as:
    • Relaxing environmental visuals
    • Mindfulness exercises
    • Fun and relaxing games
    • Concentration-enhancing games

mHealthINX is unique

The combination of methods, an app, a stress meter, and VR application form a whole. It is a comprehensive solution that helps you gain control over your stress, learn to cope with it, and ultimately reduce your stress levels. It serves as your daily mental coach.

mHealthINX research

What’s also unique is that its effectiveness will be demonstrated in a large-scale scientific study. This research is currently being conducted in various healthcare institutions in the Netherlands. Once this research is completed, it will be published. Currently, there is only one other application in the world that has undergone scientific investigation.

Who is mHealthINX for?

In fact, it is for everyone – individual employees, department managers, HR managers, and executives. It is also suitable for governments and insurers who prioritize prevention.

The plan is to offer mHealthINX to healthcare institutions or companies on a licensing basis so that employees can benefit from it. Insurers can also provide it as part of preventive measures. After all, the costs of sick leave resulting from mental disorders or chronic illnesses are skyrocketing. Moreover, the resulting absenteeism leads to enormous shortages of healthy employees.

Would you like to help us make mHealthINX a success?

The solution has been designed in collaboration with future users. We are currently in the final phase of the project. Therefore, it is of great importance for our consortium to gather as much information as possible from all stakeholders. This includes questions about the solution itself, its implementation in practice, the business model, and its feasibility. All feedback will be incorporated into a report that will be presented to the grant provider, AAL.

Of course, the final design will incorporate the advice received in order to offer the ultimate solution.

And for that, we need you!

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    Further information

     The app – Your personal coach

    A beta version of the mHealthINX app is available on the Play Store. The app is in Dutch. Additionally, it is available in English and German.

    The digital diary supports planning interventions, measuring mood, stress levels, and other essential parameters.

    The app also serves as your personal coach. Questionnaires, for example, track the progress in dealing with stress and assess your mental health.

    Furthermore, the app offers a variety of exercises that guide you in overcoming procrastination, improving concentration, or relaxation.

    Through short messages, you will be reminded every day to use your personal coach. You can set the preferred timing to receive these messages.

    Klik hier voor een totaalbeeld van de app (in het Engels)

    The stress measurement - PWA

    The following video presentation provides information about the specially developed stress measurement device, known as the PWA device. The measured stress levels are stored in the app on your mobile phone via a Bluetooth connection.

    The Virtual Reality Coach

    In combination with the app and stress measurement, there are VR applications available. You can relax by enjoying activities such as taking a walk in the forest, listening to the sound of the sea, or exploring mountains. Various mindfulness relaxation experiences are available in Virtual Reality.

    There is a variety of enjoyable games to relax, improve cognition, or enhance concentration. You can get a glimpse of the VR applications in the following 11-minute video. Take some time to watch it while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea, a glass of water, or another beverage and relax!

    Thanks to our partners:

    This project has been made possible with the support of the European Active and Assisted Living program and ZonMw under project number AAL-2019-6-78-CP.

    Do you have questions or would you like to learn more? Please use the below contact form or email René Luigies: