Workshop within the project mHealthINX

How can we better deal with stress in the future? In what way can new technical solutions help us?

The consortium of the mHealthINX project deals with these and other questions related to stress management. The first workshops were held in October 2020, firstly to define the needs identified in the previous survey more precisely and secondly to obtain initial feedback on the prototypes. 

A total of 5 persons participated in this two-part workshop day. Due to the well-known situation, the first workshop was held with the older employees of the terzStiftung. In the first part of the workshop, the participants answered three questions each on the three possible components of the new system. This created a broad picture of the wishes and requirements. In the second – and much more exciting – part, the participants were allowed to try out the first ideas and prototypes. Besides an app and a sensor, the highlight was the VR glasses. In the future, these will help users to switch off and relax in a virtual place. It was the first time that the participants had put on such glasses, so it
was very unusual and a little scary for them. One participant even had to hold on to something to avoid losing his balance. Four different areas were available to them: a mountain meadow, a ski slope, a beach and the roof of a big city.

The feedback was summarized and passed on to the developers. The next workshop should then be open to a wider audience again. We are curious to see how the system develops further.